About Us

The value of better hearing is so Important! When dealing with someone’s sense of hearing it is paramount to work together to find the best solution that gives back your relationships with other people in your life. That success only comes through a solid relationship with your hearing care provider or Audiologist.  Taking considerations through discussions with you about what is really important to you as a hearing instrument wearer is critical to your success.

Dr. Kimberly Kelley has the ability to really understand how communication is affected by hearing loss because, she has a significant loss herself. With that being said she wears the technology, she struggles in the same areas as most of her patients. Her husband David,  helps give great solutions to other family members that are dealing with a loved one with a hearing impairment. They understand both sides of the hearing relationship and are dedicated to building solid relationships for the better hearing health of all patients.

Through hearing testing, a loss is determined. Or not, it could just be wax?  If hearing aids are necessary,  consideration will be taken on the lifestyle needs, dexterity needs, technology level needs, and financial needs in order to find the best solution for you.  Today’s Hearing aids are magnificent. There’s no doubt about it.  Helping patients live better through better hearing is the goal each and everyday. It is very exciting to give back to you the part of life that you have been missing.  There are tons of great success stories with the new technology that has been developed.  Let us help you get on the road to better hearing. It will be a great experience and you will be glad that you made the phone call.