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Dr Kimberly Kelley

Dr Kimberly Kelley



Kimber, As Dr. Kelley likes to be called, has been everywhere. Let us see... Central Michigan University for her undergrad; Michigan State University for her Masters; University of Florida for her Doctorate. With an accumulation of nine years of schooling she says she could have been a Medical Doctor, But she is glad she didn't. Providing better hearing to patients has been a passion of hers for over 28 years. She understands what it means to not understand voices clearly because she has a hearing loss herself. She knows just what the instruments can and should do. She is a caring person that likes to give back to others when she can! her work with the different hearing foundations and Lions Club proves just that. she has developed an Ears-To-Ears program in the office, that allows someone who is unable to pay for better hearing to receive the gift of better hearing with every instrument sold. It is a fantastic program, just ask!
David Kelley

David Kelley
Hearing aid Sales Person

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David, received his BSBA degree from Bowling Green State University.(GO Falcons!) Business is in his blood and a desire to run a small business has always been his passion. Long story short after two very successful careers managing two different Big Box retail stores, He and Kimber decided to open their own hearing practice to really help everyone get the kind of hearing help all patients deserve. To set a model of patient focused office that cares about more than just the dollars. They care about the relationship they have with each and every patient! He follows this caring guidelines today, just as he did when he first opened up his office in October of 2002. Don't be afraid to ask him about his Faith in God; his golf game; and his passion for travel!