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Dr Kimberly Kelley



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Meet Dr Kimberly Kelley

Kimber, As Dr. Kelley likes to be called, has been everywhere. Let us see… Central Michigan University for her undergrad; Michigan State University for her Masters; University of Florida for her Doctorate. With an accumulation of nine years of schooling she says she could have been a Medical Doctor, But she is glad she didn”t. Providing better hearing to patients has been a passion of hers for over 28 years. She understands what it means to not understand voices clearly because she has a hearing loss herself. She knows just what the instruments can and should do. She is a caring person that likes to give back to others when she can! her work with the different hearing foundations and Lions Club proves just that. she has developed an Ears-To-Ears program in the office, that allows someone who is unable to pay for better hearing to receive the gift of better hearing with every instrument sold. It is a fantastic program, just ask!